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SUMMER 2024 [JUNIORS- Mon 1st July - Fri 5th July]

During "Juniors" week our young budding coders will follow the  "Introduction to Coding Technologies" workshop. Imagine their eyes lighting up as they dive into a smorgasbord of programmable delights – robots whizzing around, animations coming alive, and simple games springing to life with every line of code. Over the course of the week young people will have the opportunity to use a wide range of engaging, programmable technologies, helping to develop build problem-solving muscles, unleash their creativity, and discover the magic of making technology come alive.

Introduction to Coding Technologies

Introduction to Coding Technologies

Get ready for a summer of wonder at Code Clock Summer School, where young minds embark on a thrilling coding journey in the magnificent computer Science building at Queen's University, Belfast.

Over the course of five magical days, our "Introduction to Coding Technologies" workshop unlocks the secrets of Micro:bits, Raspberry Pi, LEGO Mindstorms, Python, and even Minecraft.

Imagine little hands programming robots to whir and twirl, crafting animated worlds in Minecraft, and breathing life into stories with code. Each session, guided by our friendly tech wizards, becomes a playground for creativity, problem-solving, and building confidence. It's not just about coding; it's about discovering the power of their own minds to make technology dance to their tune.

At Code Clock, friendships blossom as young adventurers collaborate, share ideas, and build their very own digital ecosystems. Witness the joy of "aha!" moments when lines of code transform into tangible results, and watch the excitement ripple through their eyes as their imaginations take flight.

Event Date 01-07-24 9:30 am
Event End Date 05-07-24 3:00 pm
Individual Price £165.00