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Code Clock Summer School of Programming celebrate successfully completing our summer school.

From Python to Unity: Code Clock's Summer Coding Delight in Belfast

Is your little one a master builder of Minecraft worlds or a whiz at games development? Do they love problem-solving and spending hours meticuously designing their games? Then get ready to ignite their curiosity and open up a world of endless possibilities with Code Clock 2024 Summer School of Programming hosted in magnificent Computer Science building at Queen's University Belfast.

Code Clock Summer School has been hosted in QUB since 2015 and offers offers four exciting workshops covering Python, C# and Unity and everything in between. 

Cultivating 21st-Century Superpowers:

Imagine your child confidently tackling puzzles and challenges, learning to think logically and break down complex tasks. Coding camp teaches them valuable skills that will benefit them in every aspect of life!

Let their imagination run wild as they build games, animations, and robots! Coding allows them to express themselves in unique ways and develop the confidence to innovate.

Working alongside peers, your child will learn the joys of collaboration and communication, building friendships and essential teamwork skills that will benefit them in academic and professional pursuits.

Gearing Up for Future Success:

Equip your child with the skills they need to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Coding is in high demand across diverse industries, opening doors to exciting careers in everything from software development to game design and beyond!

Even if your child doesn't dream of a tech career, coding skills are becoming increasingly valuable across all professions. From doctors using coding in medical research to musicians composing with digital tools, coding fluency is a future-proof asset for any path.

Junior Coders (11-14): Building a Strong Foundation:

Welcome to the world of programming with this beginner-friendly language! Your child will learn the basics of coding in a fun and engaging way, laying the foundation for future coding adventures.

From robotics to web design, our junior coders will dive into a variety of technologies, sparking their curiosity and discovering their tech passions.

Senior Coding Wizards (15-18): Level Up Your Skills:

Mastering this powerful language opens doors to game development, software creation, and more! Our experienced instructors will guide your child through advanced coding concepts.

Unleash their inner game designer! This exciting program uses Unity, a popular game engine, to teach them how to bring their game ideas to life!

Queen's University Belfast: The Perfect Setting:

Learn in the iconic Computer Science building, equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources.Immerse your child in the academic excellence of Queen's University Belfast, ranked among the top universities in the UK.

Building a Bridge to a Brighter Future:

We believe everyone deserves access to the opportunities coding offers. Our summer school provides a fun and engaging way for young learners of all backgrounds to develop their tech skills. Forget boring lectures, our interactive program gives your child the chance to experiment, explore, and learn through hands-on projects. We spark curiosity and nurture a love for coding that will stay with them for years to come, opening doors to endless possibilities.

Registration and Logistics:

Ready to secure your child's spot in this incredible summer experience? Visit our website for easy online registration and learn more about the program duration, location, safety measures, and planned extracurricular activities.

Junior School of Programming:

  • Dates: Monday 1st July - Friday 5th July 
  • Age: 7-11 years old
  • Location: Queen's University Belfast, Computer Science Building

Senior School of Programming:

  • Dates: Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August 
  • Age: 11-18 years old
  • Location: Queen's University Belfast, Computer Science Building

Beyond the Code: Building a Community:

The Queen's University Belfast Summer Coding Adventures isn't just about learning code. It's about building a community of like-minded young people who share a passion for technology. Your child will make lifelong friendships, connect with mentors and future colleagues, and gain valuable social skills as they collaborate and communicate within a supportive environment.

Investing in Their Future:

This summer school isn't just a fun vacation activity; it's an investment in your child's future. By participating, they'll gain valuable skills, build confidence, and discover their potential in the world of technology. They'll be empowered to pursue their dreams, whether it's becoming a software developer, launching their own tech startup, or simply using their coding skills to solve problems and make a positive impact on the world.

Take the First Step:

Don't let this incredible opportunity pass you by! Visit our website today to learn more about the Queen's University Belfast Summer Coding Adventures and register your child for the adventure of a lifetime. Watch their eyes light up as they discover the magic of code, unleash their creativity, and take their first steps towards a brighter future.

Enrol Now in Code Clock 2024 Summer School of Programming, Northern Ireland's Premier Summer Code Camp. Time to code. Time for Code Clock.

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