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Each summer, Queen's University Belfast Computer Science building transforms from a haven of academics to a vibrant hub of young innovators at the annual Code Clock Summer School!

Launched in 2015, we've ignited the coding spark in hundreds of young people children, and this year we're ready to do it again this time with not one, but two action-packed weeks designed to unleash your child's inner tech wizard. 

'The Juniors' summer school runs from the 1st to the 5th of July and has been designed specifically for kids aged 7-11, providing an introduction to coding using a wide range of engaging, programmable technologies.

'The Seniors' summer school runs from Monday 29th of July until the Friday 2nd of August and offers young people a choice of technologies to focus on over the course of the week including C#, Python and Unity to name but a few.

Code Clock Summer School isn't just about lines of code; it's about building confidence, collaboration, and a love for learning that stretches far beyond the screen. Watch your child transform from code novice to coding champion, brimming with new ideas and an  enthusiasm for all things tech.


During "Juniors" week our young budding coders will follow the  "Introduction to Coding Technologies" workshop. Imagine their eyes lighting up as they dive into a smorgasbord of programmable delights – robots whizzing around, animations coming alive, and simple games springing to life with every line of code. Over the course of the week young people will have the opportunity to use a wide range of engaging, programmable technologies, helping to develop build problem-solving muscles, unleash their creativity, and discover the magic of making technology come alive.

The "Seniors" week offers young people a tantalising smorgasbord of choice. Dive into the world of C# and conquer Windows forms, master the art of game design with Unity, or unravel the mysteries of Python's logic – five specialised workshops, each brimming with potential to turn curiosity into mastery. No matter their tech taste, your child will find a week-long adventure tailor-made to ignite their passion and equip them with skills that will last a lifetime.