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Unleash the Inner Engineer with Code Clock's Lego® Mindstorms Birthday Bash where imagination meets engineering ingenuity!

What do the kids do in a 'Legobots' workshop?

Forget passive playdates – this birthday party workshop is an active, hands-on adventure into the world of robotics. Kids will get their hands dirty (figuratively, of course!) building and programming their very own Lego® Mindstorms robots using the latest EV3/Spike kits. They'll dive into:

    • Creative Robotics: Unleash their inner inventors as they design and construct their own unique robots, from sleek racers to playful pets.
    • Coding Fun: Master the basics of coding, using a simple drag-and-drop interface to control their robots' movements and actions. No prior coding experience needed!
    • Problem-Solving Prowess: Learn to think critically and solve challenges as they navigate obstacles, complete missions, and even battle it out in friendly robot competitions!
    • Teamwork Triumphs: Teamwork makes the dream work! Kids will collaborate with their party crew, building communication and critical thinking skills as they work together towards shared goals.

But it's not all just about the tech – the Lego® Mindstorms Birthday Bash is about having epic fun

More than just a birthday party, the Lego® Mindstorms Workshop is an investment in your child's future. They'll walk away with:

    • Enhanced STEM Skills: Build a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, and math, all while having a blast!
    • Boosted Confidence: Feel the pride of accomplishment as they see their robot creations come to life.
    • Valuable Teamwork Skills: Learn to collaborate, communicate, and problem-solve as a team.
    • A Spark of Creativity: Ignite their passion for invention and innovation, preparing them for a future filled with exciting possibilities.

So, ditch the traditional party games and give your child a birthday they'll never forget! Book your Code Clock Lego® Mindstorms Workshop today and let the robot-building adventures begin!

What are the different booking options for the Code Clock 'Legobots' workshop?

Choose from one of the following three 'Legobots' workshops and let them unleash their inner engineer:

* Party decorations include 'Lego' themed tablecloth, bunting, cake toppers etc

Note: Additional players will be charged at £15 per person. Please email us after you have made making party reservation.