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Rev Up the Fun with a Microbit-Controlled Bitbot Car Birthday Party

Get ready for a birthday party that's sure to zoom into the hearts of your child and their friends with Code Clock's exciting Microbit-controlled Bitbot Car party!

What do kids do at a 'Microbots' birthday party workshop?

This one-of-a-kind party experience combines the thrill of robotics with the power of coding, providing an unforgettable adventure for kids aged 6-12. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, your child and their friends will:

  • Build their very own Bitbot Car using simple yet engaging instructions
  • Learn the basics of coding using the Microbit platform
  • Program their Bitbot Cars to perform various maneuvers and challenges
  • Engage in friendly competitions and collaborative projects

As they create, code, and control their Bitbot Cars, kids will develop essential coding skills, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork spirit. They'll also have a blast racing their creations and discovering the endless possibilities of robotics.

Don't let this opportunity whiz by! Check out our three packages below and book your child's Microbit-controlled Bitbot Car birthday party today and rev up the fun!

What are the different booking options for the Code Clock 'Microbots' workshop?

Choose from one of the following three 'Microbots' workshop options:

* Party decorations include 'Robot' themed tablecloth, bunting, cake toppers etc

Note: Additional players will be charged at £15 per person. Please email us after you have made making party reservation.